Kukui Nut also known as candle nut or buah keras in Malay is a local ingredients in curry but kukui nut oil has been used for many years throughout the islands of Hawaii.

More recently it has become more mainstream in the rest of the world. Kukui nut oil is used to moisturize and protect the skin from sun, salt, wind and other environmental elements.

Kukui oil is also used for minor skin irritations, wounds, and burns. It is most commonly used as a massage oil. The fatty acids present in kukui nut make it a superior moisturizing product for dry skin and hair. 


  • This oil is rich in  vitamins A, C, and E, which are antioxidants known to protect the skin and prevent free radical damage to the skin cells

  • Deeply Moisturizing , Soothing & Nourishing.

  • Heals burns on Skin & Protective Barrier caused by Heat, Sun, Wind & Radiation.

  • Does not leave Oily residue on skin.

  • Kukui nut oil can leave even the driest , dullest, aging skin looking healthy and radiant.

  • Kukui nut oil can be used as a treatment for an itchy scalp or dandruff.

  • Good for all skin types: Excellent for Dry, Mature & Damaged Skins, Psoriasis & Eczema

  • The amino acids and essential fatty acids present in kukui nut oil penetrate the hair shaft

50 ml for RM30 only.

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