Enjoy the luxury of spa at your own home with our natural powdered soap . Contains 14 types of ingredients from fruits, legumes, herbs and flowers

Made just to sooth , and scrub your skin and yet pamper it with a moisturizing effect and nourish it to be perfectly baby smooth skin.


How to use Ayurbath??

  • The natural scrub powder – “Ayurbath” is mixed with water / milk / lemon juice / crushed cucumber /rose water/tomato juice/ yogurt to form a paste of separable consistency.
  • Oil massage your whole body, or face or hands or any part of the body that you want to scrub with Sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil/ Mustard / gingerly oil or one that suits your body type  before applying “Ayurbath” Scrub to your body.
  • The application of oil easily coats the “Ayurbath” paste on to your skin.
  • Leave the scrub “Ayurbath” on to the skin till it dries or 10 minutes and scrub away the pack off the skin.
  • Thus, “Ayurbath” helps remove dirt, exfoliate dead skin and makes your skin smooth, glow and healthy.
  • It improves blood circulation and  improves skin complexion
If not daily, at least use this scrub once in a week or on festive occasions to rejuvenate and cleanse every skin cell of your skin!!!!

Benefits of Ayurbath

The natural body scrubber made at home includes all types of herbs and nutrients good for the nourishment of your skin. Each of the ingredients has separate value and nutritional factors. The ingredients such as the legumes have wonderful skill of exfoliating. Again herbal leaves have its anti bacterial properties. If you have any types of skin irritants and infections these are ideal to be used.  You can also get enough nourishment on your skin with the natural oils contains in almond nuts.shower

Perform this every week you can see the change in the structure and glowness of skin.

  • the urad dal, massor dal and Horse gram in bath powder will remove extra water from body.
  • Bengal gram ,green gram , wheat,turmeric , almonds and saffron for glowing skin.
  • Rice is used as scrub to skin
  • fenugreek seeds, poopy seeds used as body polisher.
  • Lemon skin to remove tan from skin
  • tulsi and neem to protect skin from diseases
  • Mustard and gingerly oil to remove extra fat and retained water.
  • kachuralu and rose for good fragnance.


green gram, roasted bengal gram(Putnaalu), urad dal, rice, wheat flour, suganda kachuralu, tulasi . neem , turmeric , lemon skin horse gramm massor dal, saffron/kukumapuvvu, fenugreek seeds, almonds, poppy seeds, rose petals, and  multani mitti

How to use:
1) take a bowl put 1 tbsp mustard oil and 3 tbsp gingerly oil.
2) Apply the oil all over the body and do perfect body massage.
3) Make thick paste of herbal bath powder by putting milk or rose water and apply all over body.
4) wait for 10 minutes. Apply dry bath powder  with pressure all over the body where ever thick paste of bath powder is applied so that dirt will be removed from skin.
PS: This powder can also be used daily instead of soap. Put rose water / milk in the bath powder making it to thin paste and apply over the body. Using it daily improves the skin complexion.
This powder can be used on babies above 2 years.

Our bath powder comes in 150 grams packaging. for RM20

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