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Best way of preserving your oil.

Recently there have been many advertisement on cheap sesame coconut and peanut oil from India being manufactured in India and distributed here. I am sure many of you would have started comparing pricing. They have invested a lot in commercial advertisement as well. Some of my customers have started questioning me on why my oil  is priced higher.

I am sorry to inform you I have tried my best to lower my price. My sesame oil which was RM110 before is now RM80. I buy pure A grade seed only, to put in my cold pressed machine. I do not add low quality or mixed brown sesame seed which is cheap by RM5 perkg. I do not add sesame dust into the seed, which is common in india, I do not add any jaggery or indian sugar into my oil as well. Although it is jaggery it is still a kind of sweet. and I do not pack my oil in cheap plastic bottles.

I have quoted an article below from a website on the importance of oil storage container. So those in doubt pls read below:

Never buy or store your oil in a plastic container. A plastic container can easily absorb PVCs – which are polyvinyl chlorides. A range of toxic chemicals – plasticizers – may have been added to the plastic containers. These chemicals, known as phthalates and adipates, can leak from PVC and into your oil.

Read more about this in the link below

2018 with our new AYURBATH Formula

Enjoy the luxury of spa at your own home with our natural powdered soap . Contains 25 types of ingredients from fruits, legumes, herbs and flowers



·                   The natural scrub powder – “Ayurbath” is mixed  with water / milk / lemon juice / crushed cucumber /rose water/tomato juice/ yogurt to form a paste of separable consistency.
·                   Oil massage your whole body, or face or hands or any part of the body that you want to scrub with Sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil/ Mustard / gingerly oil or one that suits your body type  before applying “Ayurbath” Scrub to your body.
·                   The application of oil easily coats the “Ayurbath” paste on to your skin.
·                   Leave the scrub “Ayurbath” on to the skin till it dries or 10 minutes and scrub away the pack off the skin.
·                   Thus, “Ayurbath” helps remove dirt, exfoliate dead skin and makes your skin smooth, glow and healthy.
·                   It improves blood circulation and  improves skin complexion
If not daily, at least use this scrub once in a week or on festive occasions to rejuvenate and cleanse every skin cell of your skin!!!!


green gram, roasted bengal gram(Putnaalu), urad dal, rice, wheat, suganda kachuralu, (pulangkilangku)tulasi . neem ,turmeric , lemon skin,sandal wood powder massor dal, saffron/kukumapuvvu,fenugreek seeds, almonds,poppy seeds, rose petals, and multani mitti, cassia- avarampoo licorice moringa powder,Lodhra-symplocos,amla, vetriver,clove




fresh aloevera dried and added
Mixed herbs


ready for sundrying
ground and ready for packing
Final product
customer feedback


Ginger Oil

Our latest product is ginger oil.
Bentong ginger infused in coconut oil for two days continuously in mild heat to preserve its quality and not to boil the oil in the process of making it. Ginger oil has many benefits among them are to relieve aches and pain and promote normal blood circulation especially digestive upset such as nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, gas and even morning sickness.

Benefits of Ginger Oil (click on the link to open)





Ginger oil is available in 50ml drop bottle for only RM10.00