2018 with our new AYURBATH Formula

Enjoy the luxury of spa at your own home with our natural powdered soap . Contains 25 types of ingredients from fruits, legumes, herbs and flowers



·                   The natural scrub powder – “Ayurbath” is mixed  with water / milk / lemon juice / crushed cucumber /rose water/tomato juice/ yogurt to form a paste of separable consistency.
·                   Oil massage your whole body, or face or hands or any part of the body that you want to scrub with Sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil/ Mustard / gingerly oil or one that suits your body type  before applying “Ayurbath” Scrub to your body.
·                   The application of oil easily coats the “Ayurbath” paste on to your skin.
·                   Leave the scrub “Ayurbath” on to the skin till it dries or 10 minutes and scrub away the pack off the skin.
·                   Thus, “Ayurbath” helps remove dirt, exfoliate dead skin and makes your skin smooth, glow and healthy.
·                   It improves blood circulation and  improves skin complexion
If not daily, at least use this scrub once in a week or on festive occasions to rejuvenate and cleanse every skin cell of your skin!!!!


green gram, roasted bengal gram(Putnaalu), urad dal, rice, wheat, suganda kachuralu, (pulangkilangku)tulasi . neem ,turmeric , lemon skin,sandal wood powder massor dal, saffron/kukumapuvvu,fenugreek seeds, almonds,poppy seeds, rose petals, and multani mitti, cassia- avarampoo licorice moringa powder,Lodhra-symplocos,amla, vetriver,clove




fresh aloevera dried and added
Mixed herbs


ready for sundrying
ground and ready for packing
Final product
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